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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Craig Crumpton, Audray McCroskey, Todd Maynor

Director: Jason Prisk

Genre: Family / Kids, Faith / Spirituality, Comedy, Adventure

Year: 2013

Rating: NR

Nothing much ever happens in Brookville, but when a group of friends see a new stranger in town and overhear something they don’t understand, they jump to the conclusion that he is up to no good. Soon, the new club is devising secret missions and elaborate schemes to warn the town about this “bizarre” new resident. Misunderstandings multiply and the kids soon find their crazy adventure filled with more mysterious revelations, shocking surprises and valuable lessons than any of them could ever have imagined.

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Five curious kids create the Solomon club so they can become wiser and smarter before they become adults so not to make the same mistakes most grown-ups make. But when one of the boys sees and hears a man in the woods he thinks the man is a bad guy so they do some investigating on their own and finally the police get involved and take the man away but not all is as it seems.

"The Solomon Bunch" is a family film that has plenty of laughs and adventure but it's main goal is to teach the little ones that passing judgement and jumping to conclusions before knowing all the facts is not the right thing to do and these five children learn that lesson the hard way. The film is a fun little adventure that the entire family can enjoy together, a faith based comedy that teaches and entertains at the same time which makes this a perfect film for anyone that has children.

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Available on DVD with Special Features that include:


Family Activity Guide

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Slingshot Pictures continues to bring family films that are rich in family values and messages of faith. In this day and age this kind of family entertainment is always important and it's nice to see that the children not only some wholesome entertainment to watch but they are also learning some valuable life lessons along the way as well. Adults need to remember that a film like this is geared towards children so the story is quite simple and the comedy is in place to make the children laugh but I have to admit I had a good time watching the film myself but the rating I am giving the film is for it's over-all goal of teaching kids some life lessons and for that the film is a winner in my eyes.

Released by Image Entertainment

***** Out Of *****