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Cast: Chris McDonald, Jeremy Sumpter, Michael Nouri, Katherine LaNasa, Jillian Murray

Director: Terry Jastrow

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Sport

Year: 2015

Rating: PG-13

A young golf phenom, Augie Baccus, struggles to provide for his mom and sister in rural Texas. When a flashy gambler, Riverboat, rolls into town, he instantly sees the potential for a big payoff. The two join forces and start hustling all the way to Las Vegas. Augie is totally out of his element as he contemplates his chances… win or lose, it is bad news for him. His only chance is to pull off the biggest sting in the history of golf, with a little help from his loyal friends back home. But can he outwit two of the shrewdest minds in the corrupt world of gambling?

"The Squeeze" tells the story of Augie Baccus, a young golf phenom who lives with his mother, younger sister and his abusive father. One day Riverboat, a gambler and conman arrives in town after hearing about Augie on the radio. After witnessing Augie's golf skill Riverboat makes him an offer and a way to make good money by playing golf against rich people who got nothing else to do with their money. Augie instantly becomes addicted to the flow of cash coming his way, but the town is only so big so Riverboat suggests moving on to Las Vegas where the big money awaits. Augie likes the idea because he wants his mom and sister to have a good life, but his girlfriend thinks it is a bad idea and tells him if he goes with Riverboat she wants no part of it. Determined to have a better life Augie takes off to Vegas. But when Riverboat makes a golf bet with mean and nasty mobster, Jimmy Diamond Augie life gets turn upside down. Now it will take a master plan just to get out alive, he will need help from his girlfriend, best friend and an unlikely source.

I was not expecting a lot from this film, but it did not take long to realize that I was in for an enjoyable hour and a half. Based on a true story of golfer, Keith Flatt who got caught up in high-stakes gambling games playing golf which could have cost him his life. I have to say the film got my interest right away and it was very easy to root for Augie in the film opposed to other characters.

One of the main reasons the film is this good is because of the cast, Jeremy Sumpter is terrific as Augie and his natural golfing skills give the film a very realistic feel. Christopher McDonald is also great as Riverboat, the gambling conman that never misses out on a chance to make a buck. Michael Nouri is also excellent as Jimmy Diamond and the beautiful Jillian Murray is fantastic as well as Augie's girlfriend.

I was really surprised by this film, it may not be a classic, but I found it to be a highly entertaining film that I was not expecting. That in itself is always a bonus. If you like a good comedy/drama I recommend checking "The Squeeze" out now.

Released by ARC Entertainment

*** 3/4 Out Of *****