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Cast: Michael Pare (The Lincoln Lawyer), Joseph Almani (Law of Attraction), Arthur Roberts (Not of This Earth), Merrick McCartha (Twisted Twin), Karlee Eldridge (House of Bodies), Elena Sahagun (Tremors 3: Back to Perfection) and Natalia Bilbao (No Man’s Law)

Director: Dale Fabrigar

Genre: Horror

Year: 2022

Rating: NR

After an earthquake leaves Danny trapped and alone, his claustrophobic nightmare only gets worse when something truly horrifying emerges from the fissures in the ground, forcing him to engage in a brutal fight for his life and his sanity.

'They Crawl Beneath' tells the story of police officer, Danny who is spending the day with his Uncle who is fixing up his car. Danny is having relationship problems but his day is about to get way worse. While both men are under the car an earthquake hits and takes the car off its jacks killing his uncle and pinning Danny underneath. But what Danny doesn't know is the earthquake released deadly worm-like creatures and they are out for blood. Danny will have to do his best to hold off the creatures until help arrives.

'They Crawl Beneath' is the kind of low-budget film you might see on the SYFY Channel but it definitely is a bit better than most of those. For starters Director, Dale Fabrigar settled for making his creature feature in one location rather than being too ambitious which was a good idea. Secondly, they used practical effects instead of going with bad-looking CGI which made the film much more fun.

It reminded me of the creature features from the 50's so it gets credit for nostalgic reasons as well. The acting in the film was good all around especially from Joseph Almani as Danny and Karlee Eldridge as Karlee Eldridge and it was great to see Michael Paré in yet another movie.

'They Crawl Beneath' is a fun little giant worm flick that is sure to entertain. The film will be released on Digital, Blu-ray & DVD October 4. Released by Well Go USA

*** Out Of *****