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Cast: Damian Maffei, Hannah Fierman, L.C. Holt, Jonathan Tiersten, Kamarra Cole

Director: L.C. Holt

Genre: Thriller/Horror/Mystery

Year: 2023

Rating: NR

On New Yearís Eve, a faculty party for local teachers, still reeling from the suicide of a bullied student, goes horribly wrong when an unexpected guest arrives with an unusual request: participate in a scavenger hunt or die! Accompanied by a diligent reporter as well as a girl bent on discovering the truth about her friendís death, the partygoers race to reveal secrets about their mysterious tormentor and each other before the first firework explodes, and the New Year begins with a bloody surprise!

'Time's Up' brings attention of bullying and what happens to many who made made to feel useless. It is also a slasher film with an engaging opening scene that sets the stage for what looks to be a violent and bloody good time. After viewing the film I can say that there wasn't enough blood and killings but the film made up for it with a good cast and a story filled with mystery and suspense.

There are numerous characters and anyone of them could be the killer. This is where the mystery comes in as the audience guesses on who us behind it all which keeps you engaged until the final twist.

Writer/Director, L.C. Holt does a great job of telling his story while keeping things moving at a great pace. As I stated before I don't think there were enough kills that contain gore and blood but considering the budget I can understand why. I also give him a lot of credit for creating the story that contains many different characters, story lines and twists that keep coming all the way to the end.

Besides L.C. Holt the rest of the cast were all terrific as well including, Damian Maffei, Hannah Fierman and Kamarra Cole to name only a few because this was an ensemble cast and not one character was wasted.

'Time's Up' is a good old fashion slasher that keeps the audience interested the entire time and just when you think it is over another twist is tossed your way. The film will be on VOD and Digital July 18th so if you are a fan of horrors and thrillers then I highly recommend check this well done slasher out. It will keep you engaged and in the dark until its final slash.

Released by Dark Sky Films

*** 3/4 Out Of *****