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Cast: Michael Parle, Emma Eliza Regan, Patrick O'Donnell

Director: Ivan Kavanagh

Genre: Horror

Year: 2007

Rating: NR

Recently dumped by his girlfriend for another man, working in a job he hates, things could be better for Peter. One night, while he is alone in his apartment, there is a knock at the door. His life will never be the same again.

"Tin Can Man" tells the story of Pete, a man who is a bit down on his luck. His girlfriend just broke up with him and his boss at work has threatened to fire him but like Pete says, things could be worse.

Well things do get worse, it starts with a knock on the door. When Pete answers the door the man introduces himself as Dave and claims to be his neighbor. He asks to use Pete's phone because he has been in an accident and he left his phone in his car. Pete seems a bit hesitate about letting the man in but lets him use the phone anyway but afterwards the man does not want to leave. Before long the man takes control of Pete's life and makes it a living hell.

After watching this film I asked myself why wasn't this film film released sooner, it was made back in 2007. I did not know what to expect from the film at first but I knew it did receive some good reviews so I was looking forward to seeing it. What I got was a film that had me hooked almost immediately. You feel for Pete as a person right from the start but the film really takes off when Dave enters his life. Dave is one of the creepiest characters I have ever seen on film. The man is a psycho like no other.

What happens in the film remains a secret because I am not going to ruin it for those waiting to see the movie but I will say the "Tin Can Man" is a Indie Masterpiece, a gem of a film that deserves a large audience. The film gets more strange and more disturbing as it moves along, and just wait till you meet Dave's family.

The acting is another thing that makes the film so good, Patrick O'Donnell is fantastic as the frightened Pete but the film belongs to Michael Parle who plays Dave, he gives new meaning to the word demented.

"Tin Can Man" is available on VOD and Special Edition DVD April, 22nd. You can order the DVD HERE.

Independent film or not this is what horror is all about. "Tin Can Man" doesn't need fancy effects, gore or jump scares to make it scary. It lets an amazing story, intense characters and off the chart performances take care of that. I highly recommend this to all fans of horror.

Released by BrinkVision

***** Out Of *****