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Cast: Todd Oliver

Director: Shannon Hartman

Genre: Comedy, Stand-up Comedy

Year: 2013

Rating: NR

Join in the fun as nationally known comedian Todd Oliver and his amazing talking dogs (All Oliver family pets!) bring the down the house in this over-the-top family-friendly performance! Todd s national appearances on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson , The Today Show , Late Show with David Letterman , The Tonight Show with Jay Leno , The Howie Mandel Show , Walker Texas Ranger , CNN Entertainment News have endeared him, along with canine sidekicks Irving and Lucy, to countless fans of all generations! Most recently, Todd became a semi-finalist on NBC s America's Got Talent.

If you are a fan and watch America's Got Talent like I do you will remember Todd and his talking dogs. I thought he was pretty good on AGT but I also felt some of his material was a little weak as well. I think the contraptions he uses to make the dogs look like they are talking is genius and it is the reason he made it to the finals on the show.

This is Todd's first DVD titled, "Todd Oliver: Funny Dog." For me this was a bit like seeing him on AGT, there were some very funny moments and then there were so not so funny moments as well. The funniest part of the show to me was when he read off questions from the audience for his two dogs, Lucy and Irving to answer. There was also a few times when the dogs wanted to fall asleep but Todd's quick with made the incidents funny. And the worse part of the show for me had to be when he brought two people up from the audience and used them as human puppets.

Now do not get me wrong here, I did enjoy the show and I like that it is family friendly because we can never have enough of that kind of entertainment. I just think his act needs a little work here and there. So if you like this sort of stage show I recommend checking it out, the kids as well as adults should get a kick out of the dogs.

Todd Oliver: Funny Dog " is a nice way to spend a hour with the family and enjoy some laughs so I recommend this to everyone. Available on DVD now, you can order it HERE.

Released by Inception Media

*** 3/4 Out Of *****