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Cast: Amanda Crew, Robert Patrick, Hayley Marie Norman

Director: Richard Bates Jr.

Genre: Horror/Thriller/Comedy

Year: 2019

Rating: R

After losing her job and imploding her latest dysfunctional relationship, Olive (Amanda Crew) flees the city for the weekend, escaping to the countryside for some peace and self-reflection. She rents an ornate country house from an eccentric widower named Harvey (Robert Patrick). Soon two generations collide with terrifying results as Olive awakens Harvey’s homicidal tendencies and is plunged into a blood-soaked fight for her life. More than your average slasher film, TONE-DEAF provides a dark critique of the bizarre cultural and political climate that currently exists.

'Tone-Deaf' tells the story of Olive, a young lady who is going through a rough patch. She just broke up with her boyfriend and lost her job on the same day. After talking to her mother who lives in a commune she decides to get out of the city for the weekend so she rents a house out in the country from a strange man named Harvey. Right away you can tell something isn't quite right with Harvey and Olive being a millennial awakens his anger and murderous tendencies. Soon Harvey begins stalking Olive and he also begins his killing spree which will lead to Olive in the end. Now Olive must fight for her life against this homicidal maniac.

Neither of the two main characters are very likeable, Olive is a self centered young lady and Harvey is more like a crazed old man that doesn't like anything about the young generation. This is definitely a slasher film but it is also has a lot of social commentary in it, hell it is those things that drive Harvey.

But aside from the political side of the story which is a big part of it there is a terrific horror film led by the film's two leads. Amanda Crew is excellent as Olive and Robert Patrick gives one of his best if not his best performance as the crazed old man, Harvey. Both play off each other perfectly.

The film has plenty of tension and suspense and several brutal scenes of violence because when Harvey lets loose watch out. It also has some very funny dark humor as well. I found myself laughing out loud several times. I am not a big fan of our current political climate but I do understand that Writer/Director, Richard Bates Jr. had something to say so he did it through his characters. I respect him for that but wasn't a big fan of it. That being said I enjoyed the film as a horror movie. I thought it was entertaining from start to finish including the climax which will have you at the edge of your seat. 'Tone-Deaf' will be in theaters and On Demand on August 23, 2019. I highly recommend this to all fans of horror and for Robert Patrick's outstanding performance alone.

Released by Saban Films

*** 1/2 Out Of *****