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Cast: Liesl Ahlers, Reine Swart, Sean Cameron Michael

Director: Alastair Orr

Genre: Thriller/Horror/Comedy

Year: 2020

Rating: NR

Nine friends, all harboring a dark secret, go camping in the woods. After a wild night of partying, they wake up with SUICIDE BOMBS strapped to their chests, all with varying times on their countdown clocks. They decide to work out how to disarm the bombs or find help - until they discover they can 'take' one another's time by killing each other.

It is never good when a group of friends who are harboring a dark secret gather together in the woods in the middle of nowhere. Toss in a crazed old teacher who gases the group and fits them all with bomb vests and a timer. But he doesn't live long enough to tell them what the "game" is all about.

After a bit the group figures it all out. They all have time on their vests but only one will survive. The game is in order to get more time they have to kill each other and when they do they get the person's time added onto theirs.

Think of any slasher film that takes place in the woods and toss a little "Battle Royale" on top and you get 'Triggered'. The film fills you in on the details as it moves along. It doesn't really give away the one responsible for what is happening until the end of the film. The film's Director, Alastair Orr does a great job with the script from David D. Jones. 'Triggered' is a fast moving thriller/horror film with a good bit of humor mixed in.

To be honest I think the film could have been better without the humor because for the most part I didn't find any of it very funny except for a few later in the film. Still I found the film to be an entertaining romp through the woods. There are plenty of action and kills along the way and you will find yourself caring or not caring for each of them as the film moves along and you get more background on them all.

Triggered isn't an original idea but it is executed well and it has a clever enough story to keep you interested all the way to the end. Another thing that made the film as good as it is was the cast including, Sean Cameron Michael (“Black Sails,” The Mummy), Liesl Ahlers (Friend Request, Daylight) and Reine Swart (The Lullaby, Detour). 'Triggered' is a fast paced horror/thriller and starts fast and doesn't let up until the very end.

Released Samuel Goldwyn Films

**** Out Of *****