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Cast: Sean Carmichael, David Graziano, Beatrice Di Giovanni, Auro ra Grabill, Lynn Lowry, Diana Porter, Izzy Lee, Tiziana Guarini

Director: Skip Shea

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Year: 2016

Rating: NR

A man accidentally bumps into the priest who abused him when he was a child at a local coffee shop, sending him on a twisted journey through his past.

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"Trinity" tells the story of Michael, a young artist who was sexually abused as a child by a local priest. When he accidentally runs into the priest at his sister's coffee shop it triggers a surreal trip through his past, with stopovers in three churches until he finally snaps back to the present moment and decides how to confront the monster that haunts him.

"Trinity" is a very personal film for Writer/Director, Skip Shea. The film is based on an event that happened in Shea's life when he ran into the priest who had abused him when he was a child and who was now working in a local bookstore. That random encounter triggered a dissociative experience, which is at the heart of the film.

You can feel every once of pain and anger in every single frame of the movie. I am not going to go into plot details here so not to ruin the film for those waiting to see it but to be honest it would not do the film any justice because it really needs to be seen. "Trinity" is a mesmerizing film, It is a dark, surreal and nightmarish journey through one man's fragile psyche. The story is so deep and it tells a story so horrific you will feel emotionally drained but the time the credits begin to roll and I mean that in a good way.

The film is also a brave one and it is an important one to tell because these kind of things happen way too often and nothing ever seems to be done about it. Shea does a terrific job telling his tale in a much different way than one might expect, I can say that I do not think it will be for everyone but Independent Cinema fans and even Art House fans should definitely love the film.

The film looks and sounds terrific and the score is both haunting and beautiful at the same time. And then there is the cast, everyone in the film does a fantastic job playing their roles including, David Graziano who plays the priest and Diana Porter who plays Michael's sister. Other notable stars are Beatrice Di Giovanni, Aurora Grabill, Erica Jean and Lynn Lowry. But the real star or the film is Sean Carmichael who is absolutely sensational as Michael. The emotion he brings to the character is bar none and I see him winning many awards with this performance.

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I have to say that "Trinity" left me exhausted by the time it was over and I mean that in a good way, you don't often get to see a film this powerful that impacts your thought process like this one did. The film will be hitting the Festival circuit soon and I expect it to be a much talked film as well as an award winning one and I cannot recommend seeing it enough. Keep up on the film's progress but visiting its Facebook page HERE.

Skip Shea is an award-winning filmmaker, writer, artist and actor but "Trinity" is his best work to date. I finished watching the film over a day ago but thought about it until now before I did my review because it was a lot to take in and I wanted to do it justice without giving any of it away, I hope I was able to do that.

Released by Racconti Romani Produzioni/Wicker Bird Media

***** Out Of *****