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Cast: Mark Webber, Lucy Griffiths, David Clayton Rogers

Director: Matthew Leutwyler

Genre: Sci-Fi/Drama/Thriller

Year: 2015

Rating: NR

For ten years, inventor David Kressen has lived in seclusion with his inventions, including Adam, a robot with incredible lifelike human qualities. When reporter Joy Andrews is given access to their unconventional facility, she is alternately repelled and attracted to the scientist and his creation. But as Adam exhibits emergent behavior of anger and jealousy towards her, she finds herself increasingly entangled in a web of deception where no oneís motives are easily decipherable.

There have been many films about Artificial Intelligence, some have been action filled while others have been a bit more grounded. "Uncanny" takes the subject matter and turns it into an intelligent, thought-provoking and ultimately frightening look at what things may be like in the future.

The film tells the story of David Kressen, an inventor who has lived alone for the last ten years with his work. When Joy, a reporter is sent to visit David and his inventions she is introduced to Adam, David's robot who looks and acts just like a human. He is so life like that Joy is fooled by him and she herself has worked in robotics before. Joy is also impressed with David and she begins to fall for him but Adam doesn't seem to like having someone else taking David's time and he begins to act a bit jealous.

"Uncanny" is a slow-moving film that relies on its well-written and clever story to move the film forward, it also replies on its three main characters as well. Just because the film is slow moving doesn't mean itís not interesting, I was glued to the screen the entire time as I waited to see what happens next. As the film moves along the tension and suspense builds and it lasts all the way to the film's twisty climax that will leave you shocked and ultimately satisfied. I am not going to go into major plot details so not to ruin the surprises for those waiting to see the film but I will say that I really enjoyed this smart and clever Sci-Fi.

Another thing that made this film so good was the cast, Mark Webber as David, Lucy Griffiths as Joy and David Clayton Rogers as Adam are all terrific in the film and they all have great chemistry together. Credit must also go out Director, Matthew Leutwyler and Writer, Shahin Chandrasoma for creating such an engaging film that keeps you at the edge of your seat the entire time.

I had such a great time watching this and was left with so many thoughts about the film long after it was over. If you are a fan of Sci-FI then I highly recommend checking this out now. Available on DVD now, you can order it HERE.

Released by Image Entertainment

**** Out Of *****