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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Mark Reeb, Fritz Beer, John Mense, Joe Abercrombie, Felicia Bianca Lopez

Director: Matt A. Cade

Genre: Horror

Year: 2010

Rating: Unrated

Henry Rose is a young writer who is on top of the world until his pregnant wife suddenly vanishes while admiring flowers on the side of a Texas highway. Henry races to a nearby town for help but finds the town deserted, save for a few locals who barely acknowledge his existence. Entering the town at the same time with their own agenda is a family of vicious psychotic criminals led by the charismatic yet deadly Toby Haynes. When Toby's sister also disappears, he takes matters into his own hands to find the culprit. The paths of Henry and Toby's gang inevitably cross in this grim portrayal of man's descent into the unknown evils of our world.

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Underbelly grabs your attention right out of the gate, as the film opens you see a woman heading home alone in her car. She is talking on the phone to a friend who is trying to make her feel a little less concerned about what her family are going to think about her becoming pregnant while at school. Her friend also mentions about a crazy man who is driving around killing women and at that point a Police car shows up behind her with it's lights flashing. Not taking any chances she calls in to see if they have an officer in her area but before she can get a straight answer the person who you never see has hooked a chain to from their car to her car and what happens next is she seems very frightened and she sees a blue light and the film switches to the writer and his wife driving down the road. If that doesn't have you hooked nothing will and once the wife disappears out of nowhere when they make a stop along the road you really begin falling under the film's spell. Underbelly isn't going to be for everyone, some are going to get too confused by the mystery that is taking place but for those of you that like the challenge I think you are going to find a rare piece of cinema here that is deep in suspense and thought-provoking as well. I will be watching this a second time but I didn't find any flaws in the film's production the first time around and the cast really delivered here. The film doesn't give any answers in the end but that is what made it so original, it lets the audience come up with it's own answers. A thinking man's thriller that becomes the ultimate mind-game that grabs a hold of you and doesn't let go till the credits begin to roll. I was left scratching my head and at the same time wanting more, if you are looking for something smart and clever I highly suggest picking this one up today. To go into too many details about what happens in the film would be a crime because is you of those experiences you have to witness for yourself. Matt A. Cade is a Writer/Director to keep your eye on. you can find Underbelly and many other great titles at R Square Films website HERE.

Released by R Square Films

**** Out Of *****