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Cast: Nick Wolfhard, Kazumi Evans, Brooke Shields, Matt Lillard, Drake Bell, Colin Murdock, Brian Drummond, Brenda Crichlow

Director: Gordon Crum

Genre: Animation/Family

Year: 2014

Rating: PG

Danny and older sister Eleanor fall into an adventure of a lifetime when Danny accidentally unleashes a centuries old curse involving mummies, phaoroahs and nefarious villains! When their archeologist parents go on an expedition to an ancient Pharoah’s last resting place, Danny sneaks into the tomb and finds a sacred amulet, which he takes home. When he accidentally breaks the amulet, all sorts of chaos follows, starting with his parents turning into mummies! Eleanor and Danny frantically look for clues to solve this nightmare but the police, an evil assistant, and a mysterious visitor from the past are suddenly getting too close for comfort.

"Under Wraps" tells the story of a pair of married archeologists who take their two children on adventures with them but they do not let their young son Danny be apart of the actual digging and such because Danny has a habit of getting into trouble. While on their last adventure Danny slips away from his sister to do a little exploring himself but when he removes an artifact from the tomb of an evil pharaoh things quickly go bad. The pharaoh is then able to leave his tomb and search from the missing artifact. Meantime the artifact has turned Danny's parents into mummies, now he and his sister only have so much time to break the curse before their parents go completely mummified.

As grown-ups we all have our favorite horror films we watch come Halloween time but there is not a lot to offer our young ones. Enter "Under Wraps" which is a perfect film for the spooky holiday that kids and their parents will enjoy together. I really enjoyed this film, the 48 Minutes of run time might seem a bit short but the story never suffers from it. There is a ton of action, adventure and plenty of laughs a long the way as well. This is a perfect way to spend some quality time with your children after you return from trick or treat but it is almost a fun film that the kids watch all year round, so pick it up and add it to your home video collection.

You can order the DVD HERE.

"Under Wraps" is a very funny animation adventure I enjoyed taking so be sure to pick it up today.

Released by Arc Entertainment

**** Out Of *****