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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Riley Smith, Willa Ford, Christian Kane

Director: Mark Millhone

Genre: Thriller

Year: 2011

Rating: NR

After returning to civilian life as a Texas rancher, Captain Lance Deakin fends off attacks from former members of his unit as he struggles to uncover the truth of what he did as a soldier in Iraq. The military performed experiments on Lance and his men to turn them into super-soldiers and brainwashed them to remember their top secret missions as the hyper-violent content of a video game called MINUTEMAN. Lance must uncover the truth in time to save the woman he loves.

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"Universal Squadrons" is a pretty interesting movie that keeps the audience guessing on whats going to happen next and with it's video game elements mixed with the whole war thriller plot. The story focuses on Captain Lance Deakin as he returns home from his tour of duty in Iraq, all seems well at first as he begins to adjust to life outside the military but then he begins have strange flashbacks, images and nightmares. The only thing he can remember is that the other men and himself use to play a video game called Minutemen and the confusing part is that he doesn't understand how the other men were killed when they never seen any action. To go into anymore details about what happens would spoil the film for those that haven't seen it yet but I can say that Director, Mark Millhone does a great job at hiding the truth all the way till the end which keeps you guessing and wanting more.

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The film isn't perfect, it's a bit uneven at times and parts of it drag on a little too long but I really like the whole idea behind it and I never had time to be bored. The cast which includes Riley Smith as Lance, Willa Ford and Christian Kane all give good performances and the production was pretty good considering it must of had a low budget. The effects might not be up to Hollywood standards but they work here and are only used to enhance the story and not be it. "Universal Squadrons" is an entertaining war thriller with a "Lawnmower Man" feel to it. If you're looking for something a bit different to watch I suggest checking it out it really is quite enjoyable if not flawed in certain areas. The DVD comes with two music videos and trailers, you can order it HERE.

Released by Maverick Entertainment

*** Out Of *****