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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Maila Nurmi (aka Vampira), Gloria Pall (aka Voluptua), Satan's Cheerleaders, Dana Gould, Jennifer Van Goethem

Director: R.H. Greene

Genre: Documentary

Year: 2013

Rating: NR

When Maila Nurmi took to the TV airwaves in 1954 as the prototypical gothic scream queen Vampira, a national craze was set off. An instant icon of female power and sexuality, Vampira drew some of the most revolutionary figures of the day to her various times, Maila s intimates included James Dean, Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando, among many others. But the woman behind the fašade was both far more intricate and much more fragile than the character that made her famous.

Everyone knows what Goth is and who Elvira is but not many are aware of the woman that started it all, Maila Nurmi or Vampira. "Vampira and Me" gives a little background on Maila's life as a child but it mainly tells the story of her rise to stardom as Vampira, a gothic scream queen who gained world wide attention even though she was only on a local television station.

Maila came up with the idea for the costume to wear at the ball that night, She could of never known what would follow. To call her a pioneer is an understatement because the idea and what followed was nothing short of genius. It is what came later that angered me and made me feel sorry for her as the powers that be forced her out and stole her ideas to create something she had pushed for. I do not have to worry about stepping on toes so I can say that the ADAMS FAMILY, MUNSTERS and ELVIRA where all spawns of Vampia and may of never happened if it were not for Vampira.

The story of Maila Nurmi and her Vampira creation is one that many have never heard before which makes this a must-see. "Vampira and Me" is an engaging, sad look at the evil that still exists today in the entertainment industry. They love you but the moment they see you are falling or see a chance to make bank on their own they throw you aside. The film does a great job at telling the complete story, I could go on about it but I think it is best to see the film for yourself. The film was a labor of love for Director, R.H. Greene, He was not only a fan but a friend as well. You can tell by his voice that he truly loved the woman and wanted to tell her story. The film certainly made me a fan as well, I cannot recommend it enough. Any fan of movies or entertainment in general needs to see this film.

Available on DVD with Special Features:

Restoring Vampira, a new documentary on Vampira and Me's digital preservation of a newly discovered Vampira kinsescope unseen for 56 years - Remembering James Dean; a seven minute interview outtake of Maila Nurmi recounting her experience of the day James Dean died - On-camera interview outtake with Jane Satan of Satan's Cheerleaders, the punk band Maila Nurmi fronted for two singles in the 1980s - Magic in the Air, a vintage look at TV technology circa 1955, when VAMPIRA was at her broadcast zenith - A walk down the red carpet at VAMPIRA AND ME's 2012 Hollywood premiere. Plus: - A comprehensive audio interview with filmmaker R. H. Greene conducted by VAMPIRA AND ME Tumblr mistress Sam Fullerton - A gallery of specially created vintage; VAMPIRA AND ME lobby cards--the complete eight card set, just like they would have made back when Vampira first aired in the 1950s.

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Released by Cinema Epoch

***** Out Of *****