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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Danny Trejo, Ryan Caltagirone, Kerry Knuppe, David Thomas Jenkins, Treva Etienne

Director: Walter Boholst

Genre: Horror

Year: 2014

Rating: NR

Imagine an insatiable demon that feeds on blood, thrives on pain, and reaches from beyond the grave to torment the living.and the dead. For believers and skeptics alike, there is nothing in this world or the next to rival the relentless evil of a Voodoo Possession. Burdened since childhood with a gnawing sense of guilt, cynical Aiden Chase journeys to a Haitian insane asylum in search of his missing brother. Upon arriving, he discovers all the inmates and the hospital administrator (Danny Trejo, Machete) are seemingly possessed by a bloodthirsty voodoo spirit. Now, Aiden must abandon reality and descend into a terrifying spirit world to try to rescue his brother - or they will both be damned for eternity.

The film starts off promising enough as we see a mother who is not having a good day. She is being stalking by some sort of demon who wants her two children, Aiden and Cody so in order to save them she decides to sacrifice herself instead. The film quickly switches to a grown up Aiden whose life is not going very well. To make matters worse he finds out his brother has gone missing from a Haitian mental hospital he was running. To the rescue comes his TV producer, ex-girlfriend who gets him on the crew to go to Haiti so that they can look for his brother Cody. After arriving they find old tapes that suggest Cody was using Voodoo on his pain patients.

I am not going to go on about the plot so not to ruin it for those wanting to see the film but I can tell you that what happens after they arrive is not nearly as good as the film's opening scene. I was not really impressed with the twist and felt the acting let the film down as well but to the actors credit there really was not was not much to work with here.

I love Danny Trejo as much as the next guy but the man has been in a lot of movies as of late and to be honest most have not been that good including this one. But again it is the writing here that ruins the film and Trejo is the best actor in the film.

In the end I was hoping for something a lot better, before watching the film I liked the idea of Voodoo in a horror film but it just did not turn out like I had hoped. If you are a horror fan that needs to see everything or just a Danny Trejo fan then at least give it a rental otherwise pass.

"Voodoo Possession" is available on DVD and you can order it HERE.

Released by RLJ Entertainment/Image Entertainment

* 1/2 Out Of *****