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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Rachel Delante, Tyler Peck, Kerri Patterson, Jason Fenton, Alex Aspiazu, Jon Miguel

Director: A.T. Sayre

Genre: Drama

Year: 2013

Rating: NR

Exploring the all too common trappings of dissatisfaction and infidelity in the relationships of urban 20 somethings, Whatever Makes You Happy tells the story of Anna and Alex, two fundamentally different people. Anna is a practical and bookish grad student. She lives a comfortable, yet safe life of study, friends, and her long time boyfriend Kevin. For all intents and purposes, she is content with her life and everyone in it. Alex is a musician, living the carefree urban hipster lifestyle. Very low key, very laid back, Alex is perfectly happy to coast through life unencumbered, hanging out with friends, playing in his band, and enjoying the occasional casual hook up.

Everything changes when by chance Anna and Alex meet through friends and connect in a way neither of them expected. A fiercely heated affair ensues putting both of their worlds in jeopardy. Will the passion be worth it, or will they have ruined everything that they truly care about for good?

"Whatever Makes You Happy" is a film about failed relationships and the consequences that come with choices we make. The film follows Anna who is in a long term relationship with Kevin. The relationship seems like a safe one, Kevin is a harder worker but there is always more to a relationship than just that. You get the sense early on that Anna and Kevin have very little in common and their lack on communication is definitely a problem. You can see something coming a mile away here and when Anna meets Alex the two almost immediately start an affair that Kevin has no idea about because he is always too busy at work.

To compare this film to any Hollywood drama/romance would be a big mistake. For starters this film is a straight forward drama that deals with relationships that go bad in a realistic and believable way. There is no rude or crude comedy in the film, it is just an emotional story about two people who have grown apart without even noticing it. Writer/Director, A.T. Sayre has created a film that brings out a lot of emotions, I for one felt sorry for Anna and Kevin and I was hoping that the two would start talking to one another but when Anna started her affair with Alex I then felt very angry by her actions which is perfectly normal and a direct result of just how powerful the story is. This is definitely a filmmaker to keep an eye out for, I look forward to seeing what he has coming out next.

When you have a story that packs this much emotion you need a cast that can deliver on it's characters and the entire group of actors here really brought their characters to life. Rachel Delante and Tyler Peck are amazing both separate and together as Anna and Alex but they are not alone here because the entire supporting cast did a fantastic job as well including Jon Miguel as Kevin. He has a scene in the film where he confronts Anna about her cheating that will have you in tears, really powerful stuff.

Production wise the film looks and sounds amazing for something done on an low budget. "Whatever Makes You Happy" is a romance/drama that that takes a serious look at how and why some relationships are just doomed to fail, it's an engaging and thought-provoking film that remains entertainment all the way through it's almost two-hour run time. Everything about the film represents all that is good about Independent cinema. "Whatever Makes You Happy" takes a sober look at relationships that will leave you thinking about it long after it is over.

You can find out more about the film by visiting it's official site HERE.

Released by Black Binder Films

**** Out Of *****