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Cast: Ken Gayton, Jason W. Schaver, Bethany Carol, Kevin Miller, Andrew Kudla, Heath Cordts, Greg Williams, Jeff Gamlin, Matt Babbs, and Josh Razavi

Director: Ken Gayton & Jason W. Schaver

Genre: Comedy/Romance

Year: 2013

Rating: N/A

After being left at the altar, a jaded psychologist reluctantly forms a company that teaches desperate men how to pick up women.

When Justin gets stood up at the altar he just about gives up on finding true love. He even tells his problems to an 8-year-old who is suppose to be receiving help from him. Enter his buddy, Stevenson who comes up with the idea of starting a business that will teach lonely, desperate guys to approach and pick up women. But when Justin meets Nora he thinks he found the one only to find out that she is some what dating one of his friends.

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To be honest to go on here about the plot would only ruin the fun for everyone who is waiting to see the film. This is the third movie from the writing/directing team of Ken Gayton and Jason Schaver. Their first film "The Truth About Average Guys" was one of those "it's so wrong it's good" comedies and their second film "S.O.L." was still somewhat crude but was also a lot different with more drama. Their new film, "Wingmen Incorporated" kind of meets in the middle of the first two films. It still has those moments of shocking and outrageously funny one-liners but there is also a sweet little romance going on here as well. This is without a doubt the guy's most mature film to date but have no fear they haven't lost that sick sense of humor we have come to expect and love.

The laughter comes fast and often from almost every character in the film, one of characters that provided many of the laughs was Larry aka Codename: Seattle played brilliantly by Andrew Kudla. Ken Gayton and Jason Schaver were also both terrific as usual as well as the beautiful and talented Bethany Carol who is fantastic as Nora. The entire cast did a fantastic job playing their roles. The film looks and sounds great, I loved the music used in the film as helped in keeping the story lively.

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"Wingmen Incorporated" is a comedy that takes flight right from the start, it provides plenty of hilarious moments with it's rude and crude humor but it also treats us to a nice little romance with a lot of heart. I don't want to get too sentimental here but I couldn't help but think of this as the guy's "coming of age" film. It makes sense when you look back at their first two films. Needless to say I really enjoyed everything about the film, this comedy/romance is a hell of a good time and it's a film I recommend to both men and you ladies out there because there is a little something for both here. I want to thank both Ken Gayton and Jason Schaver for sending me a copy of the film for review. I encourage everyone to check out the film's Facebook page HERE. You can also Click the link below to download the film for $2.99 (film only) or pick up a DVD loaded with bonus material for $11.99 HERE. A must-see comedic gem so get it today.

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**** Out Of *****